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  • July30th

    Thank you to everyone who entered our amazing giveaway! We are so lucky to have readers who truly appreciate the time and creativity that goes into producing beautiful artworks and stationery lines such as Jessie’s!  If you missed out this time don’t be too sad as we have another chance to get your hands on some goodies coming up. But, as there can only be one winner, we are happy to be sending this A4 print + hanger to the very lucky:


    To claim your prize simply email us at: spoonfulzine@gmail.com or contact us via Facebook with the details of your full name, address and the print you have selected and we will organise for delivery to your mailbox ASAP! Thank you again to everyone who took the time to enter and to discover the amazing talent that is Jessie Miles! Watch this space of your next chance to win!

  • July3rd

    Jessie Miles is the face, imagination and talented hands behind illustration company, In The Daylight. She has the experience of farm and city life under her belt and now, from her home in the sunshine state of Queensland Australia, she creates illustrations that reflect the stories within all of us, of bicycles rides, days spent on the beach and those of our weddings.

    I first became aware of Jessie’s unique talents on my search for the perfect Valentine gift for my partner*. Since then, I have been invited into her world of cards, prints, Samoyed puppies and custom illustrations that can only be described as life drawn in whimsy. When I spoke to Jess about this article she was so excited to be involved that we have even prepared a little treat for you all.

    S: Describe Jess Miles away from illustration

    J: I am a dog adoring, good food loving, hardcore music listening TV junkie. I try to stop being such a design snob when I’m not at work, but I also studied interior design and love renovating, so I feel like I am always around it in one form or another. I always have my nose in a good book and have an annoying habit of HAVING to finish a book once I’ve started, no matter how bad it is, ahem * we need to talk about kevin….*

    I love seeing a good band and always surprise my work mates by listening to some really heavy (sreamo) music as they call it, while working on pretty and delicate illustrations. I am also a massive TV fan. I love the Simpsons, Family, Guy, American Dad, Futurama, and any animated show. I know every single quote from every single episode. If you quote any of these shows to me, we’ll be best friends for life!  

    S: Who or what has been the biggest influence for your artwork?

    J: I am influenced by a number of artists and illustrators from my favourite childhood books. I love that their work isn’t perfect and has so much character to it. There is Quentin Blake; who illustrated Roald Dahl’s books, John Tenniel; who illustrated Alice in Wonderland and a lot of the different illustrators from ‘A Little Golden Book’ classics.

    I loved so many books as a child and thought I would grow up to be an author. But I must have been absorbing inspiration through all the illustrations and not realizing it! I also love vintage botanic illustrations and fashion illustrations.

    S: What movie would you love to be in and why?

    J: Definitely Pitch Perfect. Some acapella singing and dancing in front of huge adoring crowds! Yes please! :)

    S: Draw your favourite movie poster.

    J: My favourite movie of all time is Muriel’s Wedding, but I have given her a bit of an updated look :)

    S: What is your idea of an ultimate Friday night in?

    J: Snuggling on the couch with my two Samoyeds (and my husband if there is enough room) watching something silly and funny – it’s Brooklyn 99 at the moment. I love my deep dramatic movies, but after a long week I quite like not having to do much thinking.

    S: From your new collection, which product are you most excited about?

    J: Probably our Tasmanian Oak print hangers. They are all handmade by my clever husband Rick and I think they are a quick and simple way to bring your walls to life with your fave print! They are also incredibly easy to use and require no tools.

    S: Can you draw your favourite snack?

    S: And finally, what is one fact about you that most of your friends wouldn’t know?

    J: I am INCREDIBLY harsh on myself and my work. Most people don’t really see that side of me and think that I am quite confident. But I second guess myself all the time and my husband has to talk me down off metaphorical ledges quite often! I definitely have that sensitive, artistic personality thing going on, but I am learning how to embrace it :)

    To discover more of Jessie’s work you can find her on all social media using the link buttons below.  The new range of In The Daylight has just been released and to celebrate we are giving one lucky reader the chance to win an A4 print + wooden wall hanger for their home! Entry is simple, head on over to In The Daylight then leave your comment of which A4 print you would love to win and why – Easy!

    Entries close on July 14th and the winner will be announced on July 16th so be quick and be sure to tell your friends!

    All images featured within the Visual Poetry with Jessie Miles – In The Daylight article 
    were designed by and supplied to us by Jessie Miles.  All images remain the property of 
    Jessie and are not to be distributed. The custom illustration of couple with dog* remains 
    the property of Stephanie Crew and Spoonful Zine.


  • May18th

    S:  A bubble blowing elephant, fruit loops and lions hugging zebras – where does your inspiration come from?

    B:  For me, there isn’t a place or book that’s a wellspring of ideas, so I keep a sketchbook on me all the time and make messy drawings. Sometimes an idea pops up in front of me, complete, simple, charming, but most of the time its just tiny fragments like a phrase, or a gesture I just sketch it quickly and revisit it later. I try to be as opportunistic as I can, I take what I have around me and smoosh it together, its great to have a plan but its even better to be surprised and excited, so when a work isn’t going to plan I try not to see it as a mistake, I run with it and often I end up with something totally new and much better. If everything went to plan all the time id be terribly disappointed.

    S:  On weekends we can find you

    B:  On weekends you’ll find me at Paddington Markets in Sydney, or in my studio drawing. I don’t have a traditional “work” week, but when I do relax I love to read, ride my bike or play netball.

    S:  Your most watched movie is (and why):

    B:  Has to be “The Princess Bride”. I had it on VHS when I was a little person and watched it till the tape was almost completely worn out. It is just the most charming and hilarious thing ever.

    S:  Best customer experience?

    B:  Whenever I’m at a market selling my work, everyone is absolutely lovely to me so its hard to pick a favourite. When children get excited about my work, and want everything, that’s hard to top but also when an artist whose work blows me away comes and buys a piece, there are no words, I couldn’t be happier.

    S:  What is your ultimate breakfast?

    B:  Smoked salmon, corn fritters, avocado and poached eggs!

    S:  Favourite holiday/vacation destination?

    B:  I love the snow and cold, I think I was mistakenly born in the wrong climate. I get excited when jumper weather comes along. I love the chilly, icy air when I’m trudging through the thick fresh snow. When I’m snowboarding down a mountain I like to stop halfway, somewhere isolated, sit on my bum and drift away: the views, the cold, the overwhelming whiteness and the paradox that I feel so welcome and comfortable, in a place that will kill me if I stay too long. I love it.

    S:  What is the best meal you have had in Melbourne?

    B:  Years and year ago I had a mushroom pie at a place called “THE VEGIE BAR”. I still think about it all-the-time. I’ve been back there every time I’m in Melbourne in fact and asked after it but it must have been a one-off special, because they look at me like I’m mad. I describe it, “It had juicy thick peppery sauce, plump whole mushrooms, carrots, celery and mash on the side?”, they get impatient so I order something else. Maybe I am a bit pie mad and made the whole thing up, I have pie dreams fairly often, I really like pies.

    S:  Advice for aspiring illustrators?






      Beau Wylie Illustration / SHOP

    Beau Wylie Illustration produces cards, art prints, totes and more designed solely by Cameron Beau Wylie Foster.

    Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Cam has created a successful business illustrating chubby unicorns, sad kitties, kissing booth pups and my personal favourite – Mi Goreng! I was lucky enough to meet Cam at the Sydney Finders Keepers Market in early 2014 and have added many (many, many, many!) of his cards to my collection whilst the tote bags, calendar and artwork are added to my ever growing wish list.

    Founded in 2012 this empire of whimsy has no signs of stopping with new designs already in store and a colouring-in book newly released for the kids (or…. the 30yr old girls who love to colour)!

    We love everything about this crazy-talented kid called Cam and we think you will too! Head over to his website and store, take a look around – we dare you.

    Steph X

    All images featured within the Visual Poetry with Beau Wylie Illustration article were 
    designed and supplied to us by Cameron Beau Wylie Foster.  All images remain the property 
    of Cameron Beau Wylie Foster.
  • May13th

    I believe it was Mary Poppins who first sung of the healing powers of a Spoonful of sugar, and who are we to argue? This delicious treat my friends is certainly no exception. Growing up with two working parents I’m amazed that my Mum ever had time to make sweets for us but without fail there was always Weet-Bix slice, a chocolate cake or my favourite, Jam Slice, waiting for us on the kitchen bench when we came home from school. Some of my fondest memories from childhood are of being in the kitchen and of course licking the spoon dripping with the glorious cake batter – YUM!

    Over the years I have managed to pry some of my favourite recipes from Mum and I’ve decided to share this one, not only because its my favourite but because it is simple, inexpensive and quick to make.  I have added my own little twist with vanilla and oats for extra texture and flavour so don’t be shy to play with the recipe and put your own stamp on it.  If you’re worried about eating treats with too much sugar then this probably isn’t for you, however, where is it written that we can’t indulge ourselves every once in a while?

    Prep Time: 15 minutes          Cook Time: 20 minutes


    • 120g of softened butter
    • 1 ½ cup white sugar
    • ½ tsp vanilla extract
    • 3 eggs
    • 1 ½ cup self raising flour, sifted
    • 1 ½  cup desiccated coconut
    • 1/2 cup of oats
    • 1 cup raspberry jam, seedless if preferred


    Preheat oven to 180 degrees (fan forced). Line an 8 by 8-inch baking dish with baking paper.

    In a large mixing bowl, beat the butter and ½ cup of sugar. Add 1 egg and mix. Add the sifted flour and vanilla and mix well. Tip this mixture into your tin and with the palm of your hand press into all corners. Don’t worry too much if you can get it perfectly flat and even across the tin, who ever complains of extra biscuit?

    Once the mixture is flattened in the tin, warm the jam in a microwave (30 seconds) and spread over the biscuit base.

    Beat together the remaining eggs and sugar until combined then add in the coconut and oats and allow to mix until a sticky crumb forms. Allow the crumb to move loosely in your hand as you sprinkle it over the jam, pressing lightly as you cover any gaps.

    Bake in your preheated oven for 20 minutes then remove from oven and allow to cool completely before cutting into squares. Enjoy! X

    Image Credit
  • April4th


    So here’s something you didn’t see coming – I LOVE Easter! Oh, you guessed? Was it my previous confession of love for all things holiday related? Even so, if the surprise factor didn’t win you over then these DIY Easter projects should. I know a lot of people are against the fluffy white rabbit and chocolate eggs but I see the Easter holidays as another chance to get together with your friends and family and just enjoy each other’s company. And why not do that, adding in a little paint, glitter and chocolate delights?

    I have been on the hunt *ahem* for some easy to accomplish Easter crafts and treats for even the newest DIYers to tackle.  This is my loot of treats as well as some of the best recipes for Good Friday and Easter Sunday brunch.

    – Enjoy and have a Happy Easter! – X Steph


  • March2nd


    There are so many “healthy version” recipes on the internet that its hard to know which ones will taste almost like the real deal and which ones end up tasting like a dead foot. I have fallen victim many times thinking I’ll be eating a healthy and delicious dessert only to tip it down the sink and reach for the tub of Rocky Road ice cream anyway.

    So why did I give this one a try? Well, I love chocolate mousse. Of all the desserts you can buy at a restaurant I will always pick the chocolate mousse even when its wearing some fancy pants and they’re charging me $18 for it. It’s creamy and fluffy and almost every buffet serves it.

    So you’re wondering if I’m about to tell you that this is the bee’s knees of chocolate mousse recipes, I’m not. But I will tell you that its good for you, because you need healthy fats to keep your body going so why not at dessert time? This recipe is a rich, smooth, chocolate lover’s heaven on a spoon so if you’re wanting a healthy alternative or have always wanted to give this dessert a chance then I urge you to try my recipe because it is so good my friends and takes only a few moments to prepare!


    • 2 avocados (skin and seeds removed)
    • 50g cacao powder
    • 10mls vanilla essence*
    • 50mls honey
    • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon


    1. Place the avocado into a food processor and blend until completely smooth.

    2. Place the remaining ingredients into the food processor and blitz for 1 – 2 minutes.

    3. Spoon mixture into glasses and chill for at least 3 hours before devouring to ensure you get that gooey mousse texture.

     If you’re looking to impress friends, why not top the glasses with cocao nibs, chopped nuts or coconut flakes – all delicious and won’t ruin the integrity of your dessert!

     * If you prefer you can substitute the vanilla for mint but wait until the ingredients are combined and then add a few drops as a time making sure to blend and taste after each addition. Mint can quickly overpower the rest of the flavours.

    Enjoy Spoon-fillers, let me know if you give it a go or if you have a variation that you think our readers will love!

    Steph x

    Image Credit
  • February5th

    How many of you saw this post and groaned? Be honest, we’re all friends here.  I know a lot of people look at Valentines Day with disgust and jaded memories of loved ones who have let you down.  But I am not such a person. Those of you who have followed my articles will know that I love love.  Every cheesy line in every romcom fills me with a goofy sense of fulfillment that all is right with the world because Boy met Girl and they fell madly in love despite the problems they faced in the last 1 hour and 30 minutes. HOORAY!  For every scenario you can throw at me to question the validity of love and its presence in our modern world I will have an equally annoying scenario to throw back to prove to you that love exists and it flourishes within all of us, at some time in our lives.  You can remember such a time, I know you can.  The first date with someone special, that time he/she surprised you… come on people! Jump on the merry bandwagon of loving love and I promise you from the bottom of my rose coloured glasses that your heart will thank you for it.

    To spread the joy that Saint Valentine intended (or would have, if equipped with a glue stick and glitter) I’m sharing the best Valentine DIY and treat ideas, hoping to inspire even the most cynical to send a little love into the world on February 14.




    For singles who are shaking their heads thinking “not me this year” why not host a friend party? I’m fairly certain Valentine’s Day is, at it’s core, about love – of ANY kind! Break out the DIY decorations, make some cute heart shaped donuts and toast to the people in your life who make you thankful for love.

    Happy Feb 14th lovers!


    DIY Love Macarons
  • February5th

    Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway in support of the talented Lauren Merrick!  We are so excited to announce that the “Mountains” print will soon be gracing the letter of box of:

    Comment #8 – SUZY! Congratulations!

    To claim your prize simply email us at: spoonfulzine@gmail.com with the details of your full name and address and we will ship your print the next business day! Thank you again to everyone who took the time to enter, stay tuned for another amazing giveaway coming up!

  • January19th

    Recently married and illustrator extraordinaire! We came across Lauren through a friend of a friend and had the pleasure of seeing her works showcased at the 2014 Sydney Finders Keepers market.

    S:  Can you tell us what led you to become an illustrator?

    L: I’ve always had a love of children’s books and illustration. I have vivid memories of spending hours pouring over my picture books as a child, that continued into my adult like so I guess it like a natural thing for me to do. I studied Design & Illustration at Enmore Design Centre to get my skills up and to have the amazing opportunity to learn more about the world of illustration.

    S: What is the best project you have worked on?

    L: Oh man! So many great projects, I think every picture book I’ve worked on has been an incredible experience. I think the best projects are the ones that challenge me in what I think I’m capable of and force me to grow. I’ve got 2 picture books coming out in the next 6 months which were amazing projects to work on.

    S: Draw the contents of your bag.

    S: What 5 words best describe your art?

    L: Whimsical, natural, innocent, simple and organic.

    S: Who would you swap lives with for a day?

    L: I’d love to be Karen O for a day.  She wears incredible costumes and is a total rock-star! Complete opposite to me.

    S: Your most watched movie is?

    L: I have a couple: “Death at a Funeral” and “Little Miss Sunshine” make me laugh every time.  I also love the art direction of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “Away We Go”.

    S: Draw your most memorable birthday cake.

    L: My 4th birthday cake was a space ship at my fairy dress up party!


    Lauren Merrick Illustration / SHOP

    After graduating from Enmore Design Centre, Lauren has taken her passion of illustration and transformed it into beautiful art prints, greetings cards, custom family portraits and illustration works for children’s books. Designer of logos and whimsical creatures, her watercolour images will leave you wishing for more beauty in your life and home. Which is why…

    We want to give one lucky Spoonful reader a copy of Lauren’s “Mountains” art print to colour up your walls with. To enter, simply head over to Lauren Merrick Illustration and comment to tell us which of Lauren’s works is your favourite and why.

    The winner will be announced 2 weeks from today – GOODLUCK!

    S x 

    All images featured within the Visual Poetry with Lauren Merrick article were 
    designed and supplied to us by Lauren Merrick and all images remain her property.
  • October10th

    This song has been stuck in my head for the past two weeks, and I’ll tell you, it’s completely pleasant. “Zorbing” (by Stornoway, a band I’ve only recently become acquainted with) is ridiculously charming and cheerful. It’s a playful little earworm–I think you two will get along just fine.

    FYI: This is what Zorbing is. It’s a real thing!


    In these interludes, poet and singer-songwriter Hannah Stephenson invites you to eavesdrop on the music bouncing around her brain. She’d love to hear your thoughts, your inner soundtrack, and what band inspired that shrine in your bedroom.

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