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  • April4th

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    So here’s something you didn’t see coming – I LOVE Easter! Oh, you guessed? Was it my previous confession of love for all things holiday related? Even so, if the surprise factor didn’t win you over then these DIY Easter projects should. I know a lot of people are against the fluffy white rabbit and chocolate eggs but I see the Easter holidays as another chance to get together with your friends and family and just enjoy each other’s company. And why not do that, adding in a little paint, glitter and chocolate delights?

    I have been on the hunt *ahem* for some easy to accomplish Easter crafts and treats for even the newest DIYers to tackle.  This is my loot of treats as well as some of the best recipes for Good Friday and Easter Sunday brunch.

    – Enjoy and have a Happy Easter! – X Steph


  • February5th

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    How many of you saw this post and groaned? Be honest, we’re all friends here.  I know a lot of people look at Valentines Day with disgust and jaded memories of loved ones who have let you down.  But I am not such a person. Those of you who have followed my articles will know that I love love.  Every cheesy line in every romcom fills me with a goofy sense of fulfillment that all is right with the world because Boy met Girl and they fell madly in love despite the problems they faced in the last 1 hour and 30 minutes. HOORAY!  For every scenario you can throw at me to question the validity of love and its presence in our modern world I will have an equally annoying scenario to throw back to prove to you that love exists and it flourishes within all of us, at some time in our lives.  You can remember such a time, I know you can.  The first date with someone special, that time he/she surprised you… come on people! Jump on the merry bandwagon of loving love and I promise you from the bottom of my rose coloured glasses that your heart will thank you for it.

    To spread the joy that Saint Valentine intended (or would have, if equipped with a glue stick and glitter) I’m sharing the best Valentine DIY and treat ideas, hoping to inspire even the most cynical to send a little love into the world on February 14.




    For singles who are shaking their heads thinking “not me this year” why not host a friend party? I’m fairly certain Valentine’s Day is, at it’s core, about love – of ANY kind! Break out the DIY decorations, make some cute heart shaped donuts and toast to the people in your life who make you thankful for love.

    Happy Feb 14th lovers!


    DIY Love Macarons
  • December2nd


    Sweet Snowman by Lady Lucas

    These adorable snowmen will brighten your home this holiday!

    I made quite a few for sale this winter, but for those brave crafty people that would love to make their own, here is the how to!

    large wooden Popsicle sticks, white and orange paint, scissors, black Sharpie marker, faux snow, glue, toothpicks, thick styrofoam, fabric scraps
    1. Paint a large Popsicle stick with white paint and let dry completely.
    2. Using a toothpick dipped in orange paint, add a little carrot nose. Add coal eyes and other details with a black Sharpie marker.
    3. Carefully trim the bottom off of the Popsicle stick so it is nice and straight.
    4. Cut a square piece of thick styrofoam and press the Popsicle stick inside of it to make a dent. Pour craft glue into the dent and place the Popsicle stick snowman inside. Let dry.
    5. Using a brush, cover the whole styrofoam base and snowman with glue. Sprinkle faux snow on top and shake the excess off.
    6. Add a little scarf using a thin fabric scrap secured around the neck.
    7. Make many snowmen so you can give them as gifts!!
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    * Ashley is our genius kid’s crafter creating crafty moments to share with little ones :)  See more or Ashley at her website & shop.
  • September21st

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    1 Felt Pumpkin

    Felt Pumpkin Tutorial 
    One of my favorite materials is felt, and it lends itself well to this adorable fall decoration. Enjoy this felt pumpkin as a pin cushion, table decoration, or a hanging ornament.
    You will need:
    orange felt
    black and purple embroidery floss
    beads or buttons
    a small twig
    fabric and white glue
    sewing scissors
     2 Felt Pumpkin Tutorial
    1. Cut out two round shapes of orange felt identical in size.
    2. On one of the two felt shapes, embroider a face with black embroidery floss. Black beads or buttons work great as eyes. Use a choppy running stitch for a nose and mouth to mimic a fun, folk art look.
    3. Flip the face side over and use a little fabric glue to add a broken twig as the pumpkin stem.
    4 + 5. Using purple embroidery floss and a whip stitch, connect both felt shapes tightly. Leave two inches open near the top of your pumpkin and stuff with fiberfill. Continue the whip stitch to close the hole and finish your pumpkin by leaving a few extra inches of floss. Wrap this additional embroidery floss around a toothpick and smooth craft glue on top. Let dry until your floss is stiff and gently unwind from your toothpick to create a pumpkin vine curl.
    Now your felt pumpkin is complete! If you’d like to turn it into an ornament that will hang in your home during the Halloween season, simply use a needle with extra floss to make a loop at the top of your creation. 


    _ _

    * Ashley is our genius kid’s crafter creating crafty moments to share with little ones :)  See more or Ashley at her website & shop.
  • August26th

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     Bunny Zipper Pull Lady Lucashh

    Have an old clutch or purse that really needs a make over? How about adding an adorable zipper-pull for a fresh & cute touch?!


    You will need:

    A wooden shape such as a heart
    acrylic paints
    a thin permanent marker
    a jump ring

    1) Choose a wooden shape to decorate. I noticed most stationary stores are carrying these shapes with holes already drilled in if you can’t find what you need at your local craft store!
    2) Paint a coat of solid paint first and let dry. Yellow always works well!
    3) Using a thin permanent marker, draw a cute picture such as the little bunny face pictured in my example.
    4) Paint details on your bunny face and let dry. Retrace with a thin tipped marker to maximize details.
    5) Add a jump ring to your wooden shape and add to the zipper of your purse or clutch. Enjoy!
    _ _

    * Ashley is our genius kid’s crafter creating crafty moments to share with little ones :) See more or Ashley at her website & shop.
  • June12th

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    Jolly Jellyfish


    A Summery craft from lovely Ashley: To make this cute little creature, you will need:

    – a white paper plate
    – ribbon or twine
    – markers, scissors and a hole puncher
    – round stickers
    – beads
    This fun little jellyfish is fun for the kids during the summer months because who doesn’t love beading and making sea creatures ;) 
    1) Cut a round white paper plate in half and decorate with a cute face. Punch five holes on the bottom {flat side} and one hole on the top {round side}. Round, red stickers make cute cheeks ;)
    2) Cut five strands of ribbon or twine to about the same size. Tie a bead to the end of each strand and pass out to the little ones. They can either string beads on the strands or add stickers. If you decorate with stickers, be sure to use them two at a time, one on each side of the string so that they stick together.
    3) Tie a strand of ribbon or twine to the top of the jellyfish and hang him or her up in your favorite room!
    _ _
    * Ashley is our genius kid’s crafter creating crafty moments to share with little ones :) See more or Ashley at her website & shop.
  • April12th

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    Fairy Chair

    I have been enchanted and inspired by fairies for the past few months…

    and so whipped this super easy craft up this week for readers that love whimsy!

    The key to this craft is purchasing miniature items which can sometimes be tricky. Here are some ideas of where to get your supplies below: the dollar store {where I bought my fake moss}, train supply stores, dollhouse boutiques, the miniature isle in your craft store.
    To make this Mini Fairy Garden you will need:

    -an artificial tuft of moss
    -a miniature chair
    -mini flowers {beads and stickers are perfect for this}
    -mini animals such as frogs or lady bugs
    -sparkly rhinestone stickers
    -hot glue

    How To Make It:

    Start with your tuft of artificial grass and carefully hot glue your mini chair to the top. Next, glue some flowers and other miniatures like animals or bugs. To top off your scene, add some fake rhinestones like I did to mimic fresh morning dew.
    Display in your home wherever you want the fairies to land during the day.
    This is a great way to promote imagination and creativity in young children!
    _ _
    * Ashley is our genius kid’s crafter creating crafty moments to share with little ones :) See more or Ashley at her website & shop.
  • March25th

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    Picture 11

    Hello lovely Spoonful Readers & Crafters!

    Time is speeding by with only 1 week (& the easter weekend!) to send us your Entries for the Spoonful Easter Contest. Don’t forget to give it a go (you never know what creative whim will win our awesome bunny :)

    We’ve put together some random Chickenspiartion to get you going ;)
    All ages & pattern types welcome of course – not only chickens :)


  • February11th

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    Flower Faerie Valentines

    For these sweet greetings you will need:

    dot stickers – red and pink
    scissors and glue
    thin, black sharpie marker
    pressed flowers such as pansies or even herbs from the kitchen
    optional – heart stickers

    This year for Valentine’s Day I wanted to make something a little different and I happened to come across some flowers I pressed years ago… so the idea of Flower Faerie Valentines was born!

    To make your own simply fold some pink paper to make the card part.
    Cut a heart out of red paper and glue to the front of your card.
    Glue a flower petal to the heart to form the skirt of your faerie.
    {If you don’t have flowers at home, you can use pretty much any herb or houseplant leaf}.
    When dry, add a dot sticker for the face.
    Add some details to your faerie with a thin tipped sharpie and add some stickers to add some special flair!

    _ _

    Ashley is our genius kid’s crafter creating crafty moments to share with little ones :)
    See more or Ashley at her website & shop.
  • December2nd

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    My goal this year was to make some super cute gift tags that could double as ornament keepsakes for my friends’ Christmas trees. I came up with these little snowman faces that are easy to make and fun to look at!

    Cute Snowman Gift Tag Ornaments
    You will need:
    • watercolor paper
    • a glass jar
    • colored pencils
    • blush
    • glitter paint and brush
    • hole puncher
    • thread
    • scissors
    To make these gift tags:
    1) Trace around an inverted glass jar on your watercolor paper and draw as many circles as will fit. Now draw ‘ornament tops’ on each circle with your pencil.
    2) Draw cute snowman faces inside each circle using colored pencils. I like to use real blush to make the cheeks ;)
    3) Cut all your tags out with a scissor and punch a hole at the top for easy stringing later.
    4) Brush each tag with a little shimmery paint and let dry.
    5) String a piece of thread through the hole at the top of your tag and add to all your gifts this year!!
    P.S. If you feel like simply printing and cutting out your tags, I’ve created this 4″ x 6″ template for Spoonfulzine readers to enjoy!
    Ashley is our genius kid’s crafter creating crafty moments to share with little ones :)
    See more or Ashley at her website & shop.
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