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by all the luck in the world

Greetings Spoondiful Readers!
How goes January?

We are very happily plotting the design of Spoonful 4, plus some little handmade Valentines we will have up for sale in a few weeks (not to say that love messages should be restricted to V-Day, in fact, I’d be delighted if people sent love messages all the time – *hint hint Mr’s out there. hehe*  but it gives us an excuse to design some anyhow  :)

I’m actually writing this post, because I’ve just been informed of a deliciously themed creative project I think you guys will like. ‘Sparkapolooza’, a place to get our creative juices going, is a concept developed by 2 fellow Sydney-Siders, Laura & Jo. They have created a place where us ‘wanting to be more creative’-types get a kick up the bum with a brief, and that vital of all things – a deadline! What a marvelous idea!

“How many times have you wanted to do something creative but just didn’t quite round to it? We know the excuses- no time, don’t know what to do, I’ll get to it one day… Well, this is a project about forcing creative juices out- this time no excuses!

It’s simple, it’s an open brief, so all you have to do is respond creatively and submit an original creation before the deadline. It can be anything, send me your photo, poem, yoga pose…whatever floats your boat.”

This month’s theme is ‘Up in the Air’ and it’s due Jan 17th!



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