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photo by bewell

We have reached that time of year when we spend much more time in the kitchen!! There are so many smells and colours that inspire me…


A Picture:
You’re meeting with the girls to update each other on your lives, so, you need something quick to bring to the reunion or party & you try the Raw dark chocolate torte  in 20 min you’ll have an amazing dessert to share!

I`m preparing turkey this Thanksgiving in the company of all of our friends , i know its going to be a dinner to remember because we are constantly moving from city to city and take the opportunity to acknowledge our friendship and celebrate to that.

Also the season of pumpkin is here and screeeeeeeeaming -bake me! and i say  -bring me the pumpkin then and the diy projects too ! (hehe)

Here are some links that i know they will be helpful for you in some future time.



50 Holiday cookies

Try this stock! Liquid Gold: Brown Poultry Stock

I want a dozen for myself… Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

I WILL make this Raw Dark Chocolate Torte chocolove!!

YUM-ATTACK!  Christmas spice cookies with white chocolate ginger frosting

A Lunch Box from a Milk Jug Cookie gift Eco-container!! 2 in 1, just saying…


Sincerely wishing you the best of this winter time or summer time.


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In these moments Visual Poetry, designer & traveller Sophi Flo (a.k.a. Jesophi ) seeks to inspire with surprises for your eyes and heart.
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P.S. Happy ThanksGiving from everyone at the Spoonful team!!! xx

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