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Rainbow Friends


Lovely Ashley has created these scrumptious little fellows for this month’s Little One’s Crafty Moment. I’m guessing the rainbow-painting is going to go down a treat! What do you reckon?

What You’ll Need:

– watercolor paper
– watercolors and a thin brush
– glue
– scissors
– markers
– pastels
– sheet of black and yellow paper
How to Make It:
1. Paint some colorful stripes close together on a piece of watercolor paper. Fill the whole paper and use as many colors as you can! Add some stripes with markers while the paper is wet for a cool effect.
2. After your paper dries, cut out the following shapes: A circle for a hot air balloon, two ovals for the bear and bunny body, a bear and a bunny face. Out of your yellow paper cut out a basket shape for your hot air balloon.
3. Glue your shapes on the black piece of paper. Once it dries, use pastels to add some accents such as clouds, strings for your balloon and faces on your cute ‘rainbow friends’.
Ashley is our genius kid’s crafter creating crafty moments to share with little ones :)
See more or Ashley at her website & shop.

1 Comment

  • Comment by Ashley — August 16, 2012 @ 10:43 pm

    Thank you for posting Thea!! ;)

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