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Flower Faerie Valentines

For these sweet greetings you will need:

dot stickers – red and pink
scissors and glue
thin, black sharpie marker
pressed flowers such as pansies or even herbs from the kitchen
optional – heart stickers

This year for Valentine’s Day I wanted to make something a little different and I happened to come across some flowers I pressed years ago… so the idea of Flower Faerie Valentines was born!

To make your own simply fold some pink paper to make the card part.
Cut a heart out of red paper and glue to the front of your card.
Glue a flower petal to the heart to form the skirt of your faerie.
{If you don’t have flowers at home, you can use pretty much any herb or houseplant leaf}.
When dry, add a dot sticker for the face.
Add some details to your faerie with a thin tipped sharpie and add some stickers to add some special flair!

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Ashley is our genius kid’s crafter creating crafty moments to share with little ones :)
See more or Ashley at her website & shop.

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