Greetings Spoondiful Readers!
The time has come for our Easter Giveaway!!! YAY!

May I proudly present to you, the most gorgeous of GORGEOUS Easter Giveaway’s created by Ruta Elze, a lovely crafter from Lithuania in Europe. Her teeny tiny bunnies have had me captivated for weeks, so cute are their little ears and tiny faces :)  *don’t you think?*

The moment I first saw Ruta’s little friends I just knew that people had to find about about her work and gain an opportunity to win one of these beautiful little friends in the spirit of the Easter Season! And here we have it!

The Winners of Our Spoondiful Easter Giveaway shall win one of these very gorgeous little bunnies as their prize & have their entry published here on the Spoonful blog!

Your Task…?

That’s right! Draw a BUNNY!!!! for our Bunny draw :)

1.) Draw your bunny (easter or otherwise)

2.) Post Your bunny onto your blog with the heading My Spoondiful Bunny with a link back to this post AND, vitally, a comment on this post sending us to see your bunny – OR if you don’t have a blog, don’t worry!! Just send your bunny to spoonfulzine@gmail.com

3.) If your drawing of a bunny wins, we shall send you one of Ruta’s MAGIC bunnies & publish your drawing right here :)!  & that’s it!!!
There are TWO bunnies, which means TWO opportunities… so go on Spoondiful Readers… get your bunny on!

Due Date: Easter Saturday… the day before all eggs are consumed and creative chocolately juices inspire…




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