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I’ve always been a sucker for a good poem.

Yes, granted, there’s literally nothing WORSE than bad poetry, and you have to really hunt for the goodies, but when you find one it’s a bit like a perfect, long-searched for treasure in a messy vintage market… you sort of have to pinch yourself, look left and right and sneak away quickly after purchase to make sure the seller doesn’t change their mind.

When you get home you can slowly take it out of its paper wrapping and marvel all over little details…
Great poems are just like this for me.



They evoke precious longing, solitary thoughts, experiences and intimacies. They are friends, symbolic gestures and pieces of art.

You can imagine my excitement and pride today then, when I share that Hannah Stephenson has published her first Book of poetry!!! Yes! Our very own talented poet has a collection that you can now hold in your hands, turn to in quiet reflective moments and ponder the magic of it all… I may even ‘ahem’ have had the honour of designing its cover too!

In the Kettle, The Shriek is a beautiful collection of Hannah at her best. It’s so very happy on my bookshelf  and I think it will get along well with all your spoonfuls too ;) For word collectors out there… these are treasures to inspire reflection.

Welldone amazing Hannah.


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