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1 Felt Pumpkin

Felt Pumpkin Tutorial 
One of my favorite materials is felt, and it lends itself well to this adorable fall decoration. Enjoy this felt pumpkin as a pin cushion, table decoration, or a hanging ornament.
You will need:
orange felt
black and purple embroidery floss
beads or buttons
a small twig
fabric and white glue
sewing scissors
 2 Felt Pumpkin Tutorial
1. Cut out two round shapes of orange felt identical in size.
2. On one of the two felt shapes, embroider a face with black embroidery floss. Black beads or buttons work great as eyes. Use a choppy running stitch for a nose and mouth to mimic a fun, folk art look.
3. Flip the face side over and use a little fabric glue to add a broken twig as the pumpkin stem.
4 + 5. Using purple embroidery floss and a whip stitch, connect both felt shapes tightly. Leave two inches open near the top of your pumpkin and stuff with fiberfill. Continue the whip stitch to close the hole and finish your pumpkin by leaving a few extra inches of floss. Wrap this additional embroidery floss around a toothpick and smooth craft glue on top. Let dry until your floss is stiff and gently unwind from your toothpick to create a pumpkin vine curl.
Now your felt pumpkin is complete! If you’d like to turn it into an ornament that will hang in your home during the Halloween season, simply use a needle with extra floss to make a loop at the top of your creation. 


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* Ashley is our genius kid’s crafter creating crafty moments to share with little ones :)  See more or Ashley at her website & shop.

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  • Comment by Ashley — September 23, 2013 @ 5:50 am

    Thanks for posting Thea! Happy Halloween to all!!
    ;) Ashley

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