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image by Tony & Sasha Green

Instructions for enjoying Michael Kiwanuka’s “Bones”:


> Press play in the video below.

> Adjust volume as needed. A little louder, please.

> Think about how this song hits the exact same place in your heart as Sam Cooke’s ” Bring It On Home to Me.”

> Feel shocked that this song was released in 2012.

> Feel shocked that Michael Kiwanuka is in his 20s.

> Say “Oh, wow” out loud.

> Swoon.

> Press play again.

> Slow dance in the living room with someone you love.

> Appreciate how subtle the song is.

> Press play again.

> Feel inspired to make heart-shaped pancakes.

> Hum/sing along as you mix the batter.

> Eat the blobby pancakes that definitely do not resemble hearts.

> Press play again and notice how all is right in the world.


> Repeat as necessary.



In these interludes,  poet and singer-songwriterHannah Stephenson invites you to eavesdrop on the music bouncing around her brain. She’d love to hear your thoughts, your inner soundtrack, and what band inspired that shrine in your bedroom.


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