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Hello wondrous Spoonful readers!

This year’s Easter contest has had us receive a delicious batch of truly gorgeous contemplative Haikus…

Uh! I fell in love with so many little moments and word arrangements it was lucky I didn’t have to judge as we’d have had everyone winning!

I cannot thank each & every one of you enough for joining in the spirit and putting pen to paper. You make our world richer and the world seems a little sparklier knowing you’re around ;)

The lovely Kelsie has chosen our winner of her beautiful golden egg! She said that she chose this particular gem as it “describes exactly what [her] daughter does every time she checks the chicken coop for new eggs!” The winner is *drumroll* this magical little Haiku by the lovely Justine Wake.

by Paul Armstrong

image by Paul Armstrong

across the dawn grass

child’s smile, skip and tiny tiptoe
treasure hideout- found!

Congratulations Justine & thank you everyone for your beautiful words.

You have enriched our lives and over the next few days we shall be sharing your gems and poeticisms. They’re just TOO GOOD not to!!!


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