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Here in Melbourne, winter is already upon us.  A walk through our city streets is proof enough with café signs announcing today’s soup special, the leaves on most trees turning a bright gold and storefront windows adorned with scarves and winter woollies.  When I think of indulgence in winter I surprisingly think less about food (shocking I know) and more of the creature comforts that we desire like being wrapped up under a fort of blankets, adding extra layers to our clothing and lighting rooms with candles for the ambient glow that just whispers “welcome home”.  This month is all about the indulgence of the season, I’m sure most of you have something that you associate with particulars times of the year, but I wanted to give you a list of my favourite winter essentials to kick start your hibernation.  haven’t you always wanted a snood? Fun to say right?  Snuggle up Spoonful readers; it is going to be a very long winter.

Winter Warriors

  1. Escape our cold reality and into the world of The Bees.
  2. Need a new favourite pair of boots this season?
  3. Every woman deserves one of these amazing coats (I have it in blue!)
  4. Make your tummy nice and happy too with comforting caramel popcorn.
  5. Snuggle up in bed and listen to your favourite beats or Ebook, aren’t these fabulous?
  6. My drink of the season is chai tea with cinnamon sugar, even better in a mug sprinkled with gold!
  7. The aforementioned snood!
  8. I love every design Happy Socks come up with, perfect for warm toes.
  9. Sarah McNeil has your hands covered this season.
  10. A perfect addition to any blanket haven.

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