The Background
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Thea who was trained and working as a Graphic Designer. Commercial work did not, unfortunately, stimulate Thea at all; with even font, and colour choices vetoed by others, she was feeling like a Mac Monkey – her brain turning to a kind of mush one gets when not using the mind to its full potential. This mush, as one might understand dear reader, made thea very sad…

Each day, Thea would go to work and wonder whether this was what it was all about. Had everything she’d learned, all the possibilities that she felt were open to her, closed now that she was in the ‘real world’? Gosh, it was so very sad if this was so!

At lunch time, Thea would walk outside and, to her great surprise & pleasure, encounter a world of wonder and sincere beauty. Light shimmered through the leaves, scents of blooms floated about the air, and those there in autumn, could witness the gentle and artful turning of the leaves which lifted the spirits and reminded the heart to feel.

Outside her realm of frustration the everyday was beautiful – a revelation for thea – that, and a delicate and vital hope. She began to feel moved quite urgently, to share this hope with others, if she didn’t, perhaps they would miss out on the magic of it all…

In her journey, and during these moments, thea was lucky to meet some lovely, like-minded individuals who lived to inspire, and she collected, and still collects, bit by bit, their words & thoughts like a beach comber does with coloured glass.

Her collection are overflowing now, and Thea’s world has transformed with happiness & the great works of others that speak wonders.

Spoonful is her contribution to you, dear readers, to share in the collections that remind us what it’s all about, and that it’s all going to be okay. She is placing her collections somewhere tangible, and in a form that you can carry with you, so that we can all feel and remember, that’s it’s beautiful to feel alive.

The length Dilemma

Everybody’s busy. Doing what? Everything. Thea’s even busy, so busy that she had a bookshelf of inspiring books she wants to read, REAMS of blogs she dying to scour, GALLONS of magazine stories she thinks will intrigue her. But time is totally cliched, and currently of the essence, and she finds herself stressed over not being able to complete her supposed leisurely daily happiness boost.

The Spoonlution

Spoonful! With the help of inspiring & lovely creative people, and of course, their love of all things visionary, thea has worked with everyone to make a little bite-size, finish by the time you’re getting off the train, just-make-you-smile-for-the-day publication. It won’t take long to read, but hopefully it will make you think and see afresh the things around you.

How often does Spoonful come out?

Well about 3-4 times a year depending on how stressful thea’s life gets (she wants to enjoy Spoonful & a happy thea makes a better issue :)
Spoonful can be posted all over the world, so you can share some happiness with far away special friends…

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